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BlueKai Intent™ data offers unparalleled data depth and breadth for branding and direct marketing initiatives, across seven key in-market verticals, and over 30,000 targeting attributes. BlueKai users who are bucketed into “in-market” categories are qualified consumers who intend to buy a particular product or service in the near term. BlueKai qualifies these consumers through specific actions which indicate intent to buy on top tier ecommerce, financial, retail, online travel agency sites. Sample actions include interactions with a search function (either via search widget, or entering in a keyword), product comparison, loan calculators, etc.

BlueKai aggregate and classifies intent data from 80% of the Top 20 comScore sites in seven key vertical markets. This data is organized and qualified by a team of Classification Taxonomists, to ensure that all users who are tagged as “in-market” have indeed taken actions online to declare themselves as such.

  • Send us a detailed brief about your campaign goals & target audience.
  • We will prepare a targeting plan with recommended segments and inventory providers.
  • Track your campaign results and optimize it based on your goals.


In-Market Auto Data – Users who have demonstrated intent through make/model searches, car configurations and dealership quote requests on online automotive sites. 93% of BlueKai’s In-Market Auto’s users come from comScore top 10 Automotive sites.

In-Market Travel Data – Users who have searched for flights, hotels and car rentals on top online travel sites in the last 7 days. 94% of BlueKai’s In- Market travel users come from comScore top 10 travel sites like

In-Market Education Data – Users who have demonstrated intent to pursue education and vocational training, typically at post-secondary institutions. Examples of intent in include searches on particular schools, majors, and financial aid products.

In-Market Financial Data – Users who have performed actions such as search queries, using financial calculators, and comparing credit card offers, mortgage rates, insurance products and retirement plans. 80% of BlueKai’s In-Market Finance data comes from comScore top 50 Financial sites

In-Market Retail Data – Users who have performed product comparisons, auction behavior, or SKU level searches on top online retail sites. Verticals include Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Consumer electronics, Consumer packaged goods, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Entertainment, Video Games and Automotive Parts & Accessories.

In-Market Services Data – Users who have demonstrated intent to purchase local goods and services such as apartments, real estate, restaurants, mechanics, or retail stores in a particular geographic locations.

In-Market CPG Data – Users who have demonstrated intent to purchase consumer packaged goods through searches, product comparisons, and online auctions. Sample verticals include pet supplies, household supplies, baby care products, and health and beauty supplies.


How does ORACLE (BlueKai) ensure data quality?

ORACLE (BlueKai)  has a highly-specialized Classification team of taxonomists made up of individuals with graduate degrees in Information Management.

ORACLE (BlueKai)  employs a double-human verification process where two taxonomists individually inspect every raw key/value pair passed to the ORACLE (BlueKai)  system to ensure that the data being passed is of proper format.

Can I build target custom segments?

Yes, our targeting platform supports Boolean logic. You have the ability to “AND” or “OR” segments when defining your audience.

How do you show our ads on these segments?

We use our own Appnexus and Google AdX accounts to target selected audiences on behalf of you. Thanks to that, we can run your campaign in a few hours.

How reporting works?

We will give you an access to our reporting service, with that you can generate custom reports for your campaigns.

Also you can use your own impression and click trackers with us.

How long after a user qualifies for an audience category?

Categories are stored per user for 90 days.

How often do users clear their cookies?

Generally, 30% of users clear their cookie every 3 months.

What is the additional targeting options?

  • Frequency
  • Geo
  • Device & Device Type
  • Connection Type
  • Publisher
  • Inventory Seller

What is the pricing and payment terms?

Pricing:  We charge you with CPM for data and inventory usage.

e.g: You will pay $1.5 for data + $2 for inventory. Total CPM will be $3.5


Payment: If your budget lower than $5k, you need to send us upfront payment.

If your budget more than this, you need to send half of your budget before campaign flight dates.

We are here to help!

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