Privacy Policy

ADNBOOST (GCA ILETISIM DAN REK PAZ AS) is an Istanbul based advertising technology company. Our services are used by leading brands (advertisers) to show ads. Sometimes the advertisers are using their own visitor data (which is collected from their own websites & apps) to show relevant ads to relevant people.

Our rules for advertisers

Interest Based Advertising

When our services are used by advertisers, it helps them show ads to individuals online who may be interested in their products or services.

Advertisers Own Data

We advise our advertisers to notify their visitors about using cookies and all other tracking methods and provide them an opt-out method. When the advertiser needs technical help to provide this user experience - we help them at no charge.

Contextual Targeting

In this method advertisers are not targeting their data but they target the content of the publishers. Publishers are required to inform their users about their privacy policy.

3rd Party Audience Data

3rd Party Audience data are provided from companies like Oracle, MasterCard, Forbes, and AddThis. Advertisers are able to target those niche audiences to reach their campaign goals. e.g: Advertisers can target people who purchased at hotel ticket with the help of MasterCard. Those data providers clearly notify their visitors / users about that process in their privacy policy. Also data providers never share unique identifiers such as name, email address, phone number.

If you want to learn more about our data protection policy please email our Data Protection Officer